Eat a meal, give a meal.

eatiply™ is a food donation project that was created to help the fight against world hunger. Every time you support at an eatiply™ partnered business and choose their featured eatiply product or service, a meal is donated and provided to someone in need.

  1. Where to eatiply.

    Browse our partner directory to see where you can purchase eatiply featured products and help make an impact.

  2. Purchase eatiply partners products or services, another meal is donated on your behalf.

    After you choose one of our partners’ eatiply featured products or services, just pay for it like you would any other time. But making the choice to purchase from an eatiply™ supported business is the single most important factor. Supporting hunger issues has never been so simple.

  3. No fees. No additional costs.

    You don’t have to adopt a child, write a check, or add it to your bill. This project is 100% hands-free and designed to the convenience of your life. All you have to do is support eatiply partnered businesses by purchasing their featured products and services, and you automatically help the fight against hunger. Cheers!

What is eatiply™?

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eatiply is a hunger project that partners local businesses to donate one meal for every featured product or service that is purchased.

-Power of choice – just by choosing to shop at eatiply participating businesses and purchasing an eatiply featured product or service, a meal is donated on your behalf. No need to register, apply, or give a fake name.

-Just click on any of the businesses you would like to support in our partner directory and you can see what items that business is featuring with eatiply.


How can I take part?

Find the nearest eatiply™ partnered business and choose to support them by purchasing their eatiply featured products and services. The business will have a list of all list of their featured eatiply items on their eatiply profile and will also have it labeled inside their establishment.


Where can I find eatiply™ partnered businesses?

eatiply™ is currently partnering with local businesses across the nation. You can locate all of our eatiply™-supporting partners at the top of every page of our site under .


Will it cost me any money to donate?

To donate a meal? It will cost you nothing. The way this program is designed is that all you have to do as a customer is support your local eatiply™ partnered businesses. We take care of the rest.


Where does my food go?

We currently partner with multiple local food banks located in your city as our distribution partners to make sure the donations are going back into supporting our communities.


How do I become an eatiply™ partner?

It takes just three easy steps to partner with eatiply™:

1. Have a passion for fighting hunger in your community
2. Watch our short video that describes the business benefits here
3. Fill out our one page month to month agreement here or connect with us for more information here

Boom, you just made the world a better place.


What else can I do to get involved?

1. Choose to support eatiplyTM partners
2. Poke, scream, yell, tweet, hashtag
3. Spread the word to your favorite local businesses


Still have questions?


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